Printed Boxes
The other kind of color printed boxes are available in color prints which give a very colorful and attractive look to the boxes.
Fancy Boxes
We manufacture the durable Fancy Corrugated Boxes with lid as per your requirement.
Packaging Boxes
We offer corrugated boxes, which are used for carrying goods safely from one place to another.

Overlap Slotted Container
Overlap Slotted Container
We are on this platform to expand our business with the support of our prestigious clients. In order to satisfied the business needs of our clients we offer them an array of overlap slotted container and full overlap slotted container under one roof. In overlap slotted container all flaps are made with the same depth which is equal to the width of the box. When you close these flaps, they come within one inch of complete overlap. This type of overlap slotted container provides an additional impact and protection against rough handling. No chance to beat these overlap slotted container for their quality, stronghold and portability. In addition, we are one of the palmy slotted container manufacturers and suppliers located in India.